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 Psychological therapy and counselling for health professionals by 'Skype'

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Dr Alesia Moulton-Perkins, Clinical Psychologist and CBT therapist

I specialise in offering psychological therapy or counselling to health professionals who are struggling with work-life balance or emotional issues in their personal lives.

  • Are you a doctor, psychologist, therapist, social worker, nurse, occupational therapist or other health professional?
  • Maybe you are a health professional in training?

Perhaps the demands at work have just been piling on year by year and you’re finding that your passion for your profession is ebbing away. Or maybe you are at the beginning of your career, with the pressure of academic assignments at the same time as clinical placements or medical rotations. Juggling the need to see patients and keep up with writing patient reports whilst managing the academic demands of your course certainly isn’t straightforward! Working as a mental health professional with a busy caseload at the same time as being a ‘student’ is all the more difficult when far from home on clinical placement or medical rotation.

We can all face struggles in our careers and personal lives. Constant change, being asked to do ever more with less time and fewer resources is a common experience for many doctors, nurses, psychologists, counsellors, occupational therapists, and other health professionals. Our profession is about helping others, but who helps the helpers? We carry a high degree of responsibility, whether that be making life and death decisions as a doctor, or being on the front line dealing with patients’ distress as a nurse or psychologist. Sometimes workplace bullying piles on extra pressure. Worries about work can lead to sleepless nights and maybe we end up coping by doing the things we know we shouldn’t, but just can’t find the will to resist – drinking alcohol or eating too much, getting irritable with our partners  or families. After a while you might wonder ‘what’s the point?’ when no matter how hard you work, however hard you try, it just doesn’t seem enough. What space is there for the other important things in life: romantic relationships, kids, hobbies? Our resilience is eroded, and depression, anxiety, stress, and exhaustion may creep in. 

Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • I can’t cope
  • I just feel so tired all the time
  • I can’t stop thinking about work when I’m at home. It’s the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing I think about when I go to sleep
  • My back and shoulders are so tense
  • I keep getting stomach problems
  • I can’t seem to make decisions anymore. I can’t focus
  • I feel helpless. No matter what I do I can’t change things

Why I am particularly well-placed to help you

I understand these pressures because I’ve been there. Of course, I won’t know every circumstance and challenge you’re facing but I’d bet I’ve encountered a fair few of them! I spent several years living abroad working in schools before returning to the UK to make a career change. In my mid-30s I revaluated what I wanted from my life and decided to retrain as a psychologist. I took the leap and went back to college as a mature student. I know how scary, but also exciting it can be to make a complete change of direction. After retraining as a clinical psychologist and CBT therapist I’ve never looked back, and have worked in the NHS for over 10 years. As well as having worked in NHS adult mental health settings including a neurobehavioural service for adults with ADHD, Tourettes Sybdrome or Tic Disorder, I've also worked in general hospitals with patients with long term physical health problems, and with stressed hospital staff in the occupational health service. Most recently I worked at the University of Surrey training future clinical psychologists, seeing every day the struggles of professionals early in their careers. I know that while working in the health sector, here or as an ex-pat, has many advantages, it can also be hard when the magic wears off.

A way forward:  100% online and flexible

I can help you find a way forward, find meaning in what you do again. Or, if you are seeking a way out, I can work with you to discover a new beginning, a new direction that makes you feel alive again. I can help you get a better night’s sleep, concentrate better, deal with those worries, improve your mood and relationships, tame that self-critical voice that gets you down and stops you from enjoying life and realising your potential. Or maybe you want to get on top of some unhealthy habits. As a busy professional, I understand how difficult it can be to fit in time for therapy when work and family demands seem to squeeze out every last minute of the day. I can help, providing a convenient, flexible service to meet you where you are. You can even ‘Skype’ in with your mobile phone or tablet so you can have your session at any time of the day, and in any location. I work exclusively online via email, telephone, or face-to-face video calls (like ‘Skype’).


What problems do you work with?

As well as work-related stress, burnout, depression, work-life balance issues, grief and loss and relationship problems I can also help you if you have:

  • Panic and agoraphobia
  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder
  • PTSD and trauma
  • OCD
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD and Tourette’s syndrome
  • Depression and Low self-esteem
  • Work stress
  • Insomnia
  • Long Term Conditions and difficulties psychologically adjusting to them  (physical health problems such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome/ME, COPD, cancer, diabetes, heart problems, irritable bowel syndrome amongst others)

I offer a flexible way to access therapy so you have a choice in terms of time commitment and cost. See my Therapy Options and Fees page for more information

ked to living with a long term condition (LTC) like chronic pain, diabetes, heart disease




"Alesia is one of the most emotionally intelligent people I have ever met. She has equipped me with tools to become the person I want to be. She is kind, patient, supportive and extremely knowledgeable. I always felt in safe hands and am very grateful and lucky to have chosen her to go on this journey with" Laetitia, a doctor who received therapy for low self-esteem in the context of ADHD

“I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for helping me over the last few difficult months of my life. I really couldn’t have got through it without your care and support and for that I will always be eternally grateful”

“Thank you for your invaluable expertise, kindness and generosity of spirit while equipping me with the tools to help me through an extremely difficult time in my life and beyond! You will always be remembered with affection and a smile”

“Thank you for all your support, our sessions have really made a difference. I feel much more able to cope now as you have taught me lots of strategies that I think I can use”

"I’m really pleased I went ahead with therapy... I opted to have the therapy over video phone which was great because I could fit it in my lunch hour at work, which I wouldn’t have been able to do if I need to attend face to face therapy. Alesia was great. She gave me some really useful tools to take away from the sessions which really made me feel I could finally move forward. Even though we spoke over video call I still feel I was able to build a rapport with her. She was very easy going and I felt I could say everything I needed to in front of her without any judgement. I would thoroughly recommend both Alesia, and telephone therapy if you don’t have time to commit to face to face therapy."  Sarah 

"If you have a busy schedule and or live in a remote location, I highly recommend online therapy with Alesia. She made it easy to settle into each session and not a single session was wasted. She actively listens and provides the help and tools needed to make improvements in mental health and life. I cannot stress how easier I find day to day activities now." Adam

“In the last year I survived 12 months in a very toxic culture in a new ICU and I was able to be assertive, stand up to bullies (cutting a very long story short) and receive great feedback on my clinical performance by the consultants……As I reflect on my year I know that I couldn’t have achieved everything I’m working towards without having met you. Being able to write you an update like this was always a big motivator. I will always be so grateful to you for teaching me how to find myself, speak up for myself and be my own friend.” Lucy, adult therapy client and doctor. 


Dr Alesia Moulton-Perkins

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